Consultants that sit on the fence - that simply ain't us.

Cherry pick our services. We know how to get sh*t done.

Consulting Strategy.

Our teams combined centuries of experience in building businesses from the core or redefining strategies in ailing businesses is what we do best. We don’t simply tell you what you want to hear but we say it, as it is, with facts, data, insights and relevancy of the era we are in. Our recommendations are backed with tangible and doable steps which will transition your business in the direction the market climate dictates. Furthermore with the TCIG deliverable eco-system you need not look any further to realise the strategy, we do that, via the plethora of services our multifaceted divisional services offer.

Consultants that sit on the fence is simply not us. We like to be known as Strategists!

Customer is always King

We deliver on the following strategies:

  • ✓ Customer Acquisition

  • ✓ Customer Activation

  • ✓ Customer Engagement

  • ✓ Customer Retention

  • ✓ Customer Support

Transformation is Key

We deliver on the following strategies:

  • ✓ Digital Transformation

  • ✓ Ecommerce Transformation

  • ✓ Brick to Click Transformation

  • ✓ Operational Efficiency Transformation

  • ✓ Asset Diversity Transformation

Marketing Delivers

We deliver on the following strategies:

  • ✓ Positioning and Branding

  • ✓ Creative

  • ✓ Route-To-Market

  • ✓ Omni Channel Marketing

  • ✓ Social and Digital

Technology Enables

We deliver on the following strategies:

  • ✓ Bridge-Gap

  • ✓ Tech Stack

  • ✓ Web and Mobile

  • ✓ Security, Vulnerability and Business Continuity Planning

  • ✓ Infrastructure, Network and Cloud

Our approach


We analyse

We analyse the current state of play, by digging, probing and understanding all aspects of your business - we call this "The Today" Phase.


We strategise

We now have an understanding of "The Today" and have understood the needs, having this knowledge we curate a comprehensive strategy - we call this "The Future" Phase


We deliver

Having "The Future" Strategy in place we now take this into realisation, using the TCIG plethora of services to implement and deliver all aspects. We call this the "Lets Do It" Phase.


We monitor

Now having implemented the strategy, we monitor, reflect, analyse and audit the results for the success and learnings, We call this the "Lets Scrutinise" Phase.

Meet the head of Business Strategy


My Mantra: ‘Change. Accept. Learn’

Something about me - I am a person who is positive about every aspect of my life. I am a dad of three lil angels and I love to play with them when I get back home. Cricket is my favourite game, but I don’t play cricket, Football is not so favourite but I play quite often. What I do as a strategist, identify the problems by understanding all aspects of your business and curate a comprehensive strategy with a measurable plan of action. I don’t stop there, as a consultant strategist I walk you through the journey of transformation to the realisation of the strategy. That’s me.

The strategists

Tech Strategist


Marketing and Communications Strategist


Transformation Strategist


Tech Strategist


Customer Strategist


Loyalty Strategist


Loyalty Strategist

Let's strategise.

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